Monthly Archives: January 2014

Vale Harvest this weekend

Looking forward to the Vale Harvest market in Haddenham this weekend.  We have our custom built market stall ready to go and an increased range of beers.  Sooooo pleased to bringing more of the fabulous local beers and craft beers to beers drinkers of Bucks and Oxon.

But no rest for us after that event, we are straight into running the bar for Oakley Players.  Their comedy night is always quite a raucous affair and a great example of am-dram.  Fab after show party as well  😉 !!  Mx

TFI Friday!

What a week!  Today we are taking delivery of a new bar – photos to follow!  This will add a bit more atmosphere to our outside events and is hand made by a local craftsman so we are both very excited :).

Having a run through of our 1940s cocktails tonight, could be messy!!

Beers & Cheers



It’s all happening!

After spending many months (if not years) pulling together our thoughts we are finally making it all official! Can’t believe it really. As my friend Rachael O said ” it is time to put your money where your mouth is!”. Having spent years running events, bars and festivals I thought that making officially my business would be rather daunting. Not so far, and I blame that all on Pete ;), he has made it all so easy.

So all I can say is…… watch out world, we are now officially taking you by storm! We will be propping up a bar near you soon – though I hope it is from the working side!


Welcome to Festival Spirits

Hi All,

Welcome to Festival Spirits, an exciting new Real Ale bar company. We’re here to bring the best of Real Ales (and other stuff!) to your event – big or small!

There are so many great beers out there – there’s always one local to you! We’d just love to bring you the best of their ales, talk to you about them and, best of all, enjoy them! Have a browse through the website then give us a call.


Pete, the Beer Bloke!