Born out of a true love of real ale and reallgreat events, Festival Spirits has been created to make sure every occasion can have a fabulous bar provision!

We are a team with loads of enthusiasm about sharing the variety of real ales now available.  In recent years we have also developed connections with local wine & cider producers and are pleased to add these to our range.  Our experience comes from years of working with the industry, in a number of microbreweries and sourcing hundreds of beers from all over the country for bars and festivals.

Here are a few things we have been doing:

  • outdoor weddings
  • setting up beer for house parties,
  • running fully stocked bars at private functions,
  • coordinating food and drink festivals
  • beer and cheese tasting events
  • local farmer’s markets
  • sourcing beers for the country’s largest one day beer festival

So whatever experience you are planning we can help you make it outstanding.

Contact us for a chat to discuss your ideas.  If you are within drinking distance then we can meet at the pub!!!