Storm’in the Cotswolds

After a few hectic weeks we are looking forward to some of our regular markets, Thame, Vale Harvest and a new quarterly market in Kingham.  So if you fancy a nice drive out on Sunday why not come over and see what is going on

Amongst the rather sedate level of activity that comes with the country markets, (please don’t be fooled into thinking I mean quiet, it’s more like taking a little more time to make a more intelligent decision about your beers) we have a fund-raising event that looks like it is going to be a whole lot of fun.  We will be stocking the bar and you just need to bring your friends and make up a team.  And knowing the organiser Ricky, things will end up in some sort of ruckus 😉


Been Beersotted in loads of local pubs this week, follow me on twitter to keep up!!!! @beergirlymaria

Beers and Cheers

Maria 🙂