Welcome to Festival Spirits

Hi All,

Welcome to Festival Spirits, an exciting new Real Ale bar company. We’re here to bring the best of Real Ales (and other stuff!) to your event – big or small!

There are so many great beers out there – there’s always one local to you! We’d just love to bring you the best of their ales, talk to you about them and, best of all, enjoy them! Have a browse through the website then give us a call.


Pete, the Beer Bloke!

It’s all happening!

After spending many months (if not years) pulling together our thoughts we are finally making it all official! Can’t believe it really. As my friend Rachael O said ” it is time to put your money where your mouth is!”. Having spent years running events, bars and festivals I thought that making officially my business would be rather daunting. Not so far, and I blame that all on Pete ;), he has made it all so easy.

So all I can say is…… watch out world, we are now officially taking you by storm! We will be propping up a bar near you soon – though I hope it is from the working side!


TFI Friday!

What a week!  Today we are taking delivery of a new bar – photos to follow!  This will add a bit more atmosphere to our outside events and is hand made by a local craftsman so we are both very excited :).

Having a run through of our 1940s cocktails tonight, could be messy!!

Beers & Cheers



Vale Harvest this weekend

Looking forward to the Vale Harvest market in Haddenham this weekend.  We have our custom built market stall ready to go and an increased range of beers.  Sooooo pleased to bringing more of the fabulous local beers and craft beers to beers drinkers of Bucks and Oxon.

But no rest for us after that event, we are straight into running the bar for Oakley Players.  Their comedy night is always quite a raucous affair and a great example of am-dram.  Fab after show party as well  😉 !!  Mx

Can it get any better?

We knew it was going to be  busy with Vale Harvest starting after the winter break and Oakley’s Comedy night on the same day, but we weren’t expecting it to be quite so much fun!

Okay so we didn’t have the stall fixed up quite the way we wanted it and I failed miserably to take enough coffee to offset the early start! (and when I say early I mean crack of dawn, you know, before 9am!!!!)  But everyone was pleased to be back in Haddenham and looking forward to more markets in the sunshine 🙂

Then Oakley’s comedy night.  Pete did a sterling job while I bobbed in and out between costume changes.  There are photos but I will need bribing with beer before I share!

The best bit of the weekend was seeing so many of our beery friends and enjoying loads of fabulous local ale.  It’s a tough job we  intend get stuck in with our legendary enthusiasm!

See you soon! Beers and Cheers M&P

Now the work starts, this week it’s cocktails :)

After the initial launch of the website we are now faced with business as usual.  As with every small business the challenge now is to constantly push on.  A few changes to the website have provoked some discussion about our range of services, which has been fantastic.  Thanks to you all for the great feedback.

Our big event this week is a fabulous 1940’s style celebration.  We have been honing our cocktail skills.  Nobody could ever accuse us of missing out on the fun.  The next challenge we are looking for is a cocktail night based on beer!!  If you fancy it, you know where to find us 😉

Beers & Cheers Maria


Pete and I have a motley crew of friends and acquaintances, we love spending time with you all, preferably with a pint or two.  But we are sure there are more of you out there that would take the opportunity to meet up in the fabulously interesting places around Bucks and Oxon and enjoy an ale or two.  So we will be posting “Beersotted” meet ups.  Mostly through our newsletter and Twitter (sign up to one of them and keep up!!) but also through a bit of good old fashioned word of mouth.  If there is somewhere you think we should be, just let us know.

Let’s get beersotted together!

Beers &Cheers Maria 🙂

Storm’in the Cotswolds

After a few hectic weeks we are looking forward to some of our regular markets, Thame, Vale Harvest and a new quarterly market in Kingham.  So if you fancy a nice drive out on Sunday why not come over and see what is going on

Amongst the rather sedate level of activity that comes with the country markets, (please don’t be fooled into thinking I mean quiet, it’s more like taking a little more time to make a more intelligent decision about your beers) we have a fund-raising event that looks like it is going to be a whole lot of fun.  We will be stocking the bar and you just need to bring your friends and make up a team.  And knowing the organiser Ricky, things will end up in some sort of ruckus 😉


Been Beersotted in loads of local pubs this week, follow me on twitter to keep up!!!! @beergirlymaria

Beers and Cheers

Maria 🙂

Haddenham Summerfest July 5th 2014

It’s that time of year again- the Haddenham Summerfest Beer Festival is less than two weeks away!

Pretty much everything else has stopped now while Maria and I work on getting 100 – yes, 100 – barrels of beer lined up for your delictation. That’s 900 gallons, or 7200 pints. And it will all go in one day!

But just in case you’re still thirsty we’ve also sourced craft lager, local & distant ciders and delicious wines. There’s something for everyone.

Make a date, July 5th 2014 – see for more information or listen to Summerfest Radio on 87.9 fm or live stream at

See you there!


Pete the Beer Bloke

Back to normal?

Hi all,

Just a quick update after the frenetic activities at the Haddenham Beer Festival last month.

For those who didn’t make it, we got through around 100 real ales and over 50 ciders plus gallons of Lager, Pimms and wine. For those who did make it – have you recovered yet? 🙂

Well, let’s hope you have because we’re back at Vale Harvest in Haddenham this Saturday, 2nd August and do we have a treat for you!

With scant regard for life and limb I ventured into deepest, darkest, Oxfordshire looking for more quality ales and cider to tickle your taste buds.

I’m pleased to say the escapade was a complete success and, on top of our regular local breweries, we can now offer you 4 excellent ales from the Shotover Brewery and a range of Hitchcox ciders from the Orchard Cottage Cider Company (they are so far off the beaten track it actually took me 2 trips to find them!) These ciders are made with entirely natural ingredients, no artificial sugars or flavours – fabulous!

Maria and I would love to see you on Saturday – please drop by for a chat and, if you went, let us know what you thought of the Beer Festival (and, if you didn’t go I want a note to say why!)

Cheers and Beers,